Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is often prescribed as one of the first treatments for neck and back pain. Physical therapy is a crucial form of treatment that aims to rehabilitate patients by using a combination of exercises and stretches to strengthen muscles, relieve pain, improve joint mobility, and increase flexibility. The key to a healthy back is a strong core, which is one of the main goals of PT.

The majority of patients with neck or back pain do not require surgery. Physical therapy is an essential tool to improve patient’s pain and quality of life without having to undergo surgery.

Benefits of Physical Therapy on Neck or Back Pain

  • Improve posture
    Posture is one of the most fundamental movements of movement. When posture is improved, physical therapists can help patients improve their physical functioning. When you strengthen your muscles and move them to correct your posture, it can help you perform movements with minor discomfort and pain. Physical therapists have discovered that improperly aligned forces can cause abnormal motion in the spine, leading to pain.
  • Improve back pain through strengthening and stretching
    The most fundamental treatment used to treat back pain is exercise. The exercises that physical therapists use to treat back pain are made to strengthen the muscles in the body, relax them, and correct posture. It is believed that when muscles are strengthened and relaxed, the spine improves, and the pain is also decreased.
    Improve back pain with massage
    Massage has been used to relieve pain for years. It is because massage helps relax the muscles and increase flexibility. In physical therapy, the methods used to relieve back pain can loosen tight muscles and alleviate back pain symptoms by relaxing them.
  • Improving back pain with hydrotherapy
    Hydrotherapy is another treatment method used to treat back pain. This therapy uses hot and cold water on the body to soothe stiff muscles and relieve swelling, inflammation, and pain. The physical therapist has several tools to use hot and cold water on your body, like back scratchers, which break up tight knots in muscles. pressure on different parts of your body so that you can feel relaxation and relieving effects.
  • Reducing risk of injury
    Physical therapists can also help patients reduce their risk of injuries and further complications caused by back or spine problems by teaching fundamentals of body positioning.



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